Rapunzel Tiara Tutorial

Rapunzel Tiara Tutorial

Make a Tangled/Rapunzel party memorable with Rapunzel Tiara’s. The best part is you can find most of the items at Dollar Tree! To begin check out the list of items you need and collect them before attempting the crown.


What you Need:

– Yellow Curling Ribbon

– Yellow/Gold Pipe Cleaners

– Yellow/Gold Cardstock/Construction Paper

– Gold Glitter Glue

– Rhinestones

– Glue/Double sided Tape


How to Make:

1. Take your Cardstock/construction paper and cut out the Tiara Shape. You can find the Tiara pattern in the Moms Saving Money Store in PDF, PNG and SVG Format. I like using my Cricut or Silhouette to do all the cutting for me!

2. Once you have your Tiara cut out apply glue and outline the front of the Tiara. Apply the Gold Glitter. Instead of using the glue and glitter you can use the Gold Glitter Glue or Glitter Tape found at Dollar Tree.

Glitter Glue Dollar Tree

3. Now for more fun! Glue your rhinestones on! If you do not have rhinestones you can use the red, blue and silver glitter glue from Dollar Tree. Make them even cheaper to make if you already bought the multi-color glitter glue pack!

4. For the area of the large rhinestones use the clear candy wrap or even better Dollar Tree sells Clear Wrapping paper and you can use that and looks cool!

5. Now that your Tiara is all decorated you can now use a hole punch and make one hole on each end of the Tiara to insert the Pipe Cleaner. Make sure to fold inwards about 1/2 inch. Tape it to secure and for safety!

pipe cleaners dollar tree

6. Take the Yellow Curling Ribbon and cut Long strands as desired. I recommend at least 10 for each bunch and tie to pipe cleaner. Make sure they are long enough to symbolize Rapunzel’s long hair. You can find different shades of yellow or gold at Dollar Tree.

curling ribbon dollar tree


That’s It! You are Done!


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