Rapunzel’s Door Tower Tutorial (Disney Tangled)

Rapunzel’s Door Tower

Simple and cheap to make, which is my kind of craft! There are so many simple Tangled Party Ideas that you can make in a day and add some big decorations to your party at a very minimal cost.

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Princess Dollar Tree Decorations


What you Need:

– Silver Plastic Tablecloth

– Black Plastic Tablecloth

– Yellow, Pink, Purple Cardstock

– Packaging Tape

– Glue

– Brown Cardstock/Construction Paper or Brown plastic tablecloth


How to Make:

1. Take silver Plastic Tablecloth that can be found at Dollar Tree in the Wedding Section of the Party Supplies.


2. Measure your door and cover the door cutting off excess, cutting in the shape of a Tower. Mine resembles the image of the tower in the Tangled Movie.


3. Add your window (you can use black plastic tablecloth) and for added fun make a braided hair hanging from the window.


4. Take Brown cardstock or plastic tablecloth and make a window door frame.


5. Cut out flowers using 2 sizes to cut out yellow, pink and purple. Mix and match as desired. Glue together and tape on your tower door.



That is it! You are done!

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