Remove Tough Stains with Shaving Creme!

Cleaning Tip: Remove Tough Stain with Shaving Creme

Below you will learn the supplies you need and how to use to remove tough stains. So I learned something new today. I learned that you can use original shaving creme the Foam kind to remove tough greasy stains.

I haven’t personally tried this but the person who mentioned it in conversation said they do it all the time for their Sons’ clothes that get grass stains. They said it works great on sweat stains.

So before I started to write this new found cleaning tip I did a simple Google search. Sure enough here is an article that shaving creme can beused to clean stains found HERE and HERE is a YouTube video showing you how to use shaving creme to clean a stain.

So have you tried Shaving Creme to clean stains? What is your favorite stain remover homemade or store bought.

Feel free to post your favorite cleaning solution, I love getting new tips.

Thanks again for reading and if you are in a de-cluttering mood like me check out my post on Simple Ways to De-clutter.


Topic:  Remove Tough Stain with Shaving Creme


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