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Rebecca Autry

I am a Christian mom that loves to create and save money. Give me cardboard and tape and I will create. Give me coupons and I will show you how to find a great price. I like expressing love to others with cards, decorations and savings. I enjoy having fun and yes I bleed Blue and Orange! Go Broncos!

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3 Responses

  1. melissa says:

    My kids are 5 and (next week will be) 7, and I have a 2yo. My 2yo just turned 2yrs in October, and hardly would speak any words at all, but lots of gibberish. He would get so so angry when he would try to communicate and we wouldn’t understand him. Literally just over Christmas break, his vocabulary went from like 2-3 words to maybe 15 or 20 and counting! It is so much easier with him being able to tell us what he wants or communicate verbally.

    With my daughter, she’s in 2nd grade (started early) and she’s an amazing reader. She was reading well at 4 and reads at about a 4-5th grade level now. But she is stuck on math. We are working on adding multiple 3 digit numbers together and carrying, and she’s hating it!! I’m trying to come up with creative ways to keep her from getting burnt out like every problem completed = x amount of computer time, etc. That seems to help. I struggled with math as a kid though, so I know it’s not like everyone is going to be a math person.

    Then with my 5yo, he’s working just now on learning to read and he’s slow and steady. He will read ok if we go verrrrrrry slow and the words are simple, so I’ll take it. But he isn’t ready to read real books and such yet, and I wish he’d hurry up so we could do exciting stuff!!

    • Rebecca says:

      That is awesome. I know how you feel about the hurry and read better because for so long we have been waiting. Both the hubby and I are avid readers and we’d like our kids to be but we have to realize they are not us they are unique. Its wonderful when kids can communicate even when we hardly understand. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kirsten Voorheis Love says:

    Great job! I have a first grader as well that is getting special help with reading. There are about 5 kids out of his class of 27 that go every day and work with a literacy specialist. He’s really improved since this started. Our neighbor also happens to be a retired reading teacher and she has recently started working with him three days a week so I’m really expecting him to “get it” soon. Keep up the good work Mom.

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