Rushing Waters: Music Decoration Ideas #VBS 2015

Rushing Waters Decoration Ideas

Rushing Waters: Music Decoration Ideas #VBS 2015

I thought these were some awesome ideas but I haven’t had the chance to be able to make my own. However I did get a good find at a yard sale recently! There was a free box and in it had blue cellophane roll as well as brown packaging paper! So I got my rock/canyon and my waterfall all for FREE!

I just need some painters tap and some imagination.

We have two main entrances to the front of our sanctuary that leads into the hallway so I plan on creating that area into two waterfalls similar to the bottom right picture as seen above.

Raveline Rapids


Below is the second one that is on our Children’s Wing main hallway. This was very simple I cut 8 8ft tall strips of butcher paper and crumpled it up. I use 1 blue plastic table cloth and cut long ways in 4 to make the water falls.

Rushing Waters

Other Rushing Waters Decorations

rushing waters decor 1

rushing water decor 2


Please comment below on you created your rushing waters area.


Topic: Rushing Waters: Music Decoration Ideas #VBS 2015


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