How to Save on Bridesmaids dresses

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How to Save on Bridesmaids Dresses

Are you planning a Wedding soon? Are you going to be a Bridesmaid any time soon or even have a daughter that will be a flower girl?

Dresses can be expensive but you can get some really good deals if you just look around.

Here are some ways to Save on Bridesmaids Dresses.

1. Look at Department stores. Often times you can find some really good prices on dresses on the off season but make sure all bridesmaids buy them at the same time and typically one size larger because you can take always have it altered.

2. Former Brides. Most bridesmaids will not wear their dresses again so if you know of a bride getting married before you have her ask her bridesmaids if they would considering selling or donating to your wedding party.

3. Consignment shops. What happens to a bridesmaid dress after a wedding. Sometimes ladies will decide to donate their dresses so you can find some great deals.

4. Online sales. Sure you can find some awesome deals at the traditional wedding sites but you can find some more specific colors and styles at They have the traditional colors and many more odd colors as well. Its great because there are so many options. Online Shopping helps you visualize easier and quicker with your bridesmaids. At you can also find mother of the Brides dress and flower girl dresses.

Even if you are not looking for a bridesmaid dresses you can also find Evening Gowns, Prom Dresses and Wedding Bouquets, and much more.

The best of all you can get some awesome deals in the their clearance section. Always look at the clearance section because those will be the best deals you can get. Not all women fit into the small sizes so I was appreciative to see they also carry plus sizes. Most stores charge extra for larger sizes but there is not much of a difference in price. If you are expecting you can also find maternity dresses as well, very cute and practical.

If you have not found your Wedding Dress take a look at their Dresses they have some extravagant dresses very inexpensive and budget friendly to any Wedding.

Make sure you take a look at the FREE Wedding Budget Printable.

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