How to Save Money on Book Fair Week

how to save money on book fair week

How to Save Money on Book Fair Week

Twice a year my kids school have Book Fair week and every time they beg us to take them. The School even has them make a wish list of the books they would like to get.

Well unfortunately as a family we do not have the ability to buy books at 3.99 each for each kid.

So here is our alternative to getting our kids new books to them at a fraction of the cost during Book Fair Week.

We visit a nearby Goodwill where children’s books are $.50.

We are HUGE readers in fact we have a mini library! Literally we had over 4500 books between the hubby and I. We have sense decrease that amount in hopes of living on a more simpler lifestyle.

We encourage our kids to read and between the 3 kiddos they have around 200 books. As our kids get older we are now switching out those books for books more on their reading level.

So as we visited Goodwill we picked out 8 books that cost us a total of $4 which is the price of one book at the book fair. You can find brand new to slightly used books and its a great feeling to be able to get our kids books at the fraction of the price.

We love to read in our family and we hope to pass that on to our kids so not being able to afford books at the Book Fair we go for an alternative that gets us more and we spend less.

Our school started this year a program where they can exchange their slightly used books for another book which we also plan to utilize.

Always keep reading. Be frugal minded and keep learning without breaking the bank.

Thanks for reading.

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