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How to Save on Partyware

Do you plan birthday party celebrations or any parties for friends and special occasions.

I have three kids and it brings me joy and happiness to come up with a Theme party for their birthday celebrations.

One of the costs that can be scaled down is the paper ware. Instead of buying that theme paper products you can save by purchasing solid colors when they go on clearance or even at Dollar Tree stores.

Another way I have recently decided to switch to is Plastic plates. You can find them at Dollar Tree in a 4pk that is just $.25 a piece.

When the Summer products went on clearance at Dollar General this year I picked up pink, teal, purple and lime green 4pks for $.25 each that made them $.06 each. (I was happy)

I look for colors I know I will use for parties. My theme parties typically include 3 main colors.

Since the time of writing this post it is the day after Christmas so as a frugal mom I decided to hit my local Wal-mart to see what they have at 50% off.

I found Red and Green plates and as much as I would have loved to get green ones I know I will use red more often. I paid $.50 for 4pk that makes them roughly $.12 each.

Perhaps the green will still be there in the next week when the prices will be 75% off.

I know the point of using paper products is so you can throw them away and not do dishes but here is how I look at it. I have 3 kids so we often have a minimum of 3 parties a year and if I invest the few dollars I can reuse these plates for future parties and eliminate the cost of paper products. I already do this for the serving dishes.

Also at Dollar General this summer I picked up 3ct ice cream bowls for $.25

You can also find partyware at Thrift Stores and yard sales.

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