Saving Money on Electronics

Saving Money on Electronics

So this actually wasn’t the first time we have done this but I have never really shared it other than word of mouth.

When an electronic item is out of stock ask to purchase the display model, but don’t stop there ask for a discount on the display model.

We recently made a purchase that my hubby has been waiting patiently and once he knew exactly and was sold on that particular item he wanted to purchase.

The store did not have it in stock and they were not going to be ordering that same model so we asked about the display.

I asked about a discount. We were able to get 10% off and considering the price I am very thankful.

My first item ever to do this was about 7 yrs ago when I got my first digital camera. At the time they were still a new concept and becoming a mainstream so the camera I got was originally $385 but Office Max had it on sale for $249. So when I went to go get it they were sold out and the camera was being discontinued and I actually got the display and 2 yr warranty for $185.

So if you ever go buy an electronic like camera, TV, laptop, or game system and its not in stock ask to purchase the display.


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