Saving on Home Improvements

Ok so this may seem so obvious to you but it was the first time I ever went so its new to me.

Here is a tip to save on some Home Improvements without having to pay full price.

Are you going to paint soon?

If you are going to do some touch up or need a cheap way to spruce up a room and want to paint consider visiting the nearest Habitat for Humanity Restoration Center.

I went for door knobs because the home we are in some of the door knobs are broken.

Although they didn’t have much of a selection I was able to find 1 that would work for $3 opposed to $6.

I also got a gallon of creme paint for $10 instead of the cheapest at Walmart for $14.97.

And this paint is not cheap it was from Sherwin Williams paint.

They had desks for $10 and Dinner Tables for $20. There was hardly anything above $35 there. So if you plan on getting your cabinet handles replaced consider going there. They were priced at $1 each were as at Target had a set of 10 for $14.99 and that was very plain ones.

I was able to get a pack of air filters 4pk for $2 which at Walmart are $8.97 for the same pack.



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