See what I got for $14

So first off, don’t judge and if you do keep it to yourself. Sometimes when you just don’t have money you just don’t have money.

I was given a little bit of money that wasn’t expected for helping a friend out. Its more than enough for what I did but I got somethings I need.

First off my soon to be 5 yr old is in size 5 pants but he is a bit on the husky side unlike my 6yr old who is a bean pole!

so my almost 5 yr old had outgrown 4T awhile back and I did have about 7 pairs of pants but he out grew 2 leaving 5 but out of those 5, 2 of them started getting holes in the knee to the point they ripped and another pair started to rip and he fell at school ripping it even more. That leaves him with 2 pants that fit. He is growing but unfortunately 6 slims that his older brother wears he cannot fit in around the waist.

I went out today and stopped at 2 Goodwills and found him 3 pairs of pants = $6

I also found a size 7/8 Bakugan Halloween Costume Brand new still in its package for $2

I found blue streamers for $.25

A bag of trash bags for $.50

Graduation Napkins 40ct for $.50

Graduation table clothe for $.50

Graduation stickers 10 sheets for $.50

all above was between 2 Goodwills


I then went to Big Lots and got Scotch Packaging tape for $1.25

I also got a package of Power Rangers napkins for $.50


So after taxes it came to $13 and change so way under $14. I think I did good.

I have no problem shopping at Goodwill, some of the best dress shirts my hubby owns are name brands from Goodwill. We get alot of Old Navy, Children’s Place, GAP and Osh Kosh clothes for my kids in really good condition from there.

What great finds have you gotten lately? What great items have you found at Goodwill or any other Thrift Store?


  1. Mindy

    I love shopping at thrift stores. Recently my husband and I went 2 hours away to a really nice thrift shop looking for two dressers for our children. It ended up being half off all furniture and each dresser was $25 so we ended up getting 4. We have a growing family 🙂

  2. Sherry @ Family, Love and Other Stuff

    I’m a thrift store and garage sale junkie. No judgement here, you got great deals! My favorite deal was for 30 cars from the movie CARS for $2.50 (you know how expensive those can be!). My son still talks about the basket of cars that we bought. It’s all about making the memories and not about where you shop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Becky

    We have 2 huge thrift stores where we live. One has a family day on Wednesday, and the other is Thursday. Family day means all clothing is 50% off! That stuff is in good shape, and with a little hot water and suds, all is great! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! No judgment here!

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