Why I use Self Checkout!

walmart self checkout

I posted the above picture yesterday that I would shop more at Wal-mart when the self checkouts get up and running, here is why.

First I do use coupons and I do tell those behind me that I have coupons and it may take awhile so I either let them go in front of me or suggest they go to another checkout. But as you may know Walmart tends to have only a handful of checkouts of open and there always seems to be long lines.

Yes using coupons in self checkout I would still need to wait for the override key but I’m ok with that. Since there are many self checkouts I would only be taking up 1 which would allow me to go at my own pace and not worry about holding up a line.

Why I prefer self check other than creating a line! I like to double check the items I have matchup to the number of products I have. I am not an extreme couponer by any means but like Kroger has Mega Sales that are Buy 10 participating items get $5 off, I only get 4 newspapers every Sunday so I rarely buy 10 of each product so I mix and match and sometimes it can get confusing.

I like being able to count out my own products and scan them and count my coupons to make sure the add up. I’m human and I know I mess up sometimes but I want to do my best with my coupon trips scenarios.

I may be putting a cashier out but here is the thing when I do go shopping its late at night or very early in the morning and no regular checkout is open only the self checkouts! Also I don’t want to argue with cashiers when they feel I am wrongly using a coupon or they are uncertain about it. It usually take a bit more time for them to call a manager to inspect and then scan the coupon.

I have found in my own experience that the cashiers who over see the self checkouts are better trained with coupons and they move faster.

Here’s a throw back to year ago. A lady whom still is a self check out cashier at Kroger is now one of the best cashiers I know. Unfortunately one of our first coupon encounters was not the best! You can read What a Staples Binder and Kroger Cashier have in common Post.

So you see its more of a pleasant shopping experience if I do my own checkout. Just to let you know I rarely use printable coupons unless its an incredible deal like the FREE Reach Floss plus Money Maker. I typically only use the Sunday Insert Coupons because those are the products I typically buy plus I only use 4 most the time per like item since that is what I get unless I was given other coupons.

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