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Yes it can be scary but here is skinny.

When you look at a book’s table of contents you see the Title (Main Page overall Blog), Chapters (Categories), Sub Chapter/Topics (Individual Posts). This is the same for a blog and you need to organize it as such for the regular user to be able to find your information you are providing for them.

It’s important to be able to navigate with ease.

1. Site name, Meta Keywords, and Meta Descriptions.

So first thing first you will want to tackle is your Site name Meta keywords and Descriptions

This is the place you will want to have your general topics listed for your blog. What is your blog about? Include them all. If you are a frugal blogger and do store matchups list out the stores you do, If you do recipes and crafts add those as well. These should be single keywords with exception of stores or product lines.


2. Categories Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions.

This is the place where its still general but you are getting more specific. For instance if a category is about Freebies then you will want to put FREE, Freebie, freebies as the keywords. Note you only want to 1-2 phrases at the most for keywords otherwise you will have the opposite effect and Google will skip over since they will feel you could not decided what keyword to focus on.


3. Posts Met Keywords and Meta Descriptions.

Now we get to the nitty gritty! Here is where you want to be as specific about the item you are talking about in the post. If you are frugal blogger than you have lots of FREE items. Instead of putting FREE toothpaste as the keywords you would put the name of the toothpaste such as Colgate toothpaste or Kids Colgate Toothpaste.

In your Description you will want to write a teaser to get the average Joe to click on it. Here’s a tip when you go search Google and it generates a list of the items with those keywords you look at the description and read what that link is about and that determines whether you click on it or not. So this is so important. Think as if you were searching for FREE Colgate Toothpaste what would you want to know. Where to get it FREE? What dates you can get it FREE and what call to action would need to be take by as a viewer do you need a coupon from this past Sunday insert or is there a printable.

That is how you need to think. If you were the one to Google an item what specifics do you want to know about that topic. So go Google some of the topics you are already covering on your blog and see what others have written. A well written description will get more clicks than one that has nothing in it.

For example when a person goes to Search for FREE Brut Deodorant at Dollar Tree

On your Site Google will find:

Dollar Tree (Main Blog Meta Keywords), FREE (Categories), Brut Deodorant (Individual Post)

Does that make sense? You can even go one step further and enter SEO Meta Keywords for Tags as well and that will give Google one more way of finding specifics. However if you have your Archive no indexed then this is not necessary since you are not indexing for Google to find them.

Here is another example from my blog.

Search Terms – How to Make a Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata out of a Box

Pinata (Main Blog Meta Keywords), How to Make (Category {description} of DIY Projects), Priate Treasure Chest (Individual Post Keywords)

So yes if you take those keywords and google search you will find my post at the top on the first page.

Next you can see how to write SEO Optimized Posts

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