Shady Grove Craft Decoration Ideas – #VBS 2015

Shady Grove decoration ideas

Shady Grove Craft Decoration Ideas – #VBS 2015

Here are some easy VBS craft ideas you can easily make for Shady Grove on your own for little cost. Your craft room should be just as fun as all the other Lifeway VBS rotations. If you would like to submit your VBS tutorials to be linked simply submit in the comments or by emailing to momssaving1 (@) gmail dot com.

Check out some of the Journey Off The Map Craft Ideas toward the bottom of this post.

Large Flowers and Mushrooms

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 2 Large Flowers


Simply made from Green Pool Noodles, Chip and dip trays, Plastic serving bowl and green plastic tablecloth. All of these items can be found at Dollar Tree. Each flower is secured in a bucket filled with sand.

Step 1

Cut your pool noodle down to desired size and slant if desired.

Step 2

Place your pool noodle inside the bucket and add sand around the noodle. To keep it extra sturdy add sand in the tube.

Step 3

Take a hot glue gun and add desired amount of glue and attach bowl and chip dish to the pool noodle.

Step 4

For Mushrooms you will do the exact same thing as steps 1 – 3. Cut out white construction paper circles and used double sided take or tacky glue to attach to bowl.

More Journey off the Map Shady Grove Ideas below:

K Cups, Egg Cartons and Grass Skirts

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 3


The grass skirt can be purchased at Dollar Tree. This particular skirt I found at Goodwill for 10 cents. I used electric tape in the above picture to hold up the skirt because it is on cinder block. I do not recommend it, it will fall down! I do however recommend using painters tape whenever possible on cinder blocks. You may need to use something stronger but we have learned that duck tape and packaging tape will not work well.

You can also check out the K Cup Hanging Flowers Tutorial.

Cardboard Painted Ground Leaves

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 1


Simply take cardboard boxes and lay them flat. Draw using a pencil your grass/leaves. I found paint at church not being used and had my children paint with me. I then took a black permanent marker and retraced the lines and then cut out the tips of the bushes. These are easy Lifeway VBS decorations you can make with VERY little cost to you. You will spend more time than money but it is all worth it.

Foam Leaves and Streamers

Journey off the map 2


You can purchase green streamers in a 2pk at Dollar Tree. Use this to make a droopy limbs hanging from the ceiling. Great for added greenery for trees. We are planning on lining our entire hallways with streamers and green table clothes swooped diagonally from one side to the other side.

Easy VBS Craft Ideas – Alternative Journey off the Map Crafts

Cotton Pocket Drawstring Bags

If your Church is looking for a cheaper alternative for the Drawstring bags you can find these ones on Amazon for around $.40 a piece. Purchase the Journey off the Map stamp and stamp them yourself. Save some money that can be spent elsewhere.

Day 1 Journey off the Map Crafts РKnow your Guide (Galatians 4:4-5)

Day 2 Journey off the Map Crafts – Follow your Guide (Daniel 1)

I am a huge fan of Lifeway but every church can’t afford the pre-made kits for crafts so I am always looking for alternatives on how to create similar crafts but less expensive. Here is a dragonfly that can easily be made and you may even be able to get some of the items donated. Check out the Dragonfly Tutorial.

dragon fly spoons vbs 2015


Just as dragonflies follow after their food for daily nourishment we to are to follow our daily nourishment.

How to cut costs on the Campfire Magnet



I am all about cutting costs but still have quality products. If your church has the ability and means to purchase the prepackaged crafts from Lifeway go for it. They are convenient. I on the other hand am looking for ways to expand what I can make for the least amount of money because I can use that money on something else or do more. I like to stretch a dollar as far as I can. Check out how you can make similar campfire magnets at a lower cost. Check out the Campfire Magnet Tutorial.

The campfire is a great way to teach kids

Day 3 Journey off the Map Crafts – Trust your Guide (Daniel 3)

Day 4 Journey off the Map Crafts – Stay on Track (Daniel 6)

Day 5 Journey off the Map Crafts – Keep Watching (Daniel 10)

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars


Fonts to use for Journey off the Map (FREE Fonts)

1. Wood Stamp

2. Shelton

3. Jawbones Condensed WF

4. Tiki Hut

5. Rough Typewriter


Please don’t hesitate to tell me about your VBS Ideas. I love adding more and more to these posts. You can submit your ideas in the comments or by emailing to momssaving1 (@) gmail dot com


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