Shoe Door Organizer

Lacking Storage Space? Utilize the space you have efficiently. Here is a real life around the house storage: a shoe door organizer re-purposed. Use the Shoe Door organizer on the inside of your pantry or any closet and place your seasoning packs, health and beauty products or even extra school supplies.

around the house storage: Shoe Door Organizer repurposed


Around the House Storage: Shoe Door Organizer: Re-purposed

The clear ones are great so you can see exactly what is in each pouch. You can find a 6 pouch one at Dollar Tree or like the one pictured above was from Wal-Mart for less than $10.

Check Thrift stores and yard sales as well, you might find them very cheap.

What storage ideas have you done around your house? Leave a comment below with a link or picture. I love seeing everyone’s ideas.

Lets all help each other out and share our ideas.

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