Need a Shopping Trip Form?

Shopping Trip Form Printable


Are you in need of a Quick Shopping Trip Form to help you shop easier?

Here is a Form I created. Its pretty simple. I had to create one and I have no idea why it took me 3 yrs to finally do it.

The columns are pretty explanatory but here is a quick summary just incase you don’t understand Moms Saving Money lingo!

Product – The name of the item you will purchase

Isle # – This is the isle number that the product can be found on. I try shopping from one end of the store to the other so I put my items in order by isle.

Quantity – This is the number of that product I plan to purchase, it may change depending on availability

Reg. Price – This is the Regular Price of the item. I like to go buy the full price before sale and coupon to determine the amount I saved.

Sale Price – This is the sale price before coupon.

Coupon Amount – This is the amount of the coupon and helps if its amount of so many that way it helps me keep track of how many coupons. Most store only allow for 5 like or if the coupon says 4 like.

Final Price – This is the final price for the product after sale and coupon.

Total Amount – This is the total amount of all the products I am buying of the same kind after sale and coupon. For instance if I am buying 4 Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish for 1.25, I would but $5 in the total amount

Saved – This is the amount of Full Price minus Final Price times the amount of that product I am buying. I like to see how much I am saving. Generally I go for 50% saving or more but some products there are not coupons for so savings is less.

Rain-check – This column helps me determine when I go up and down an isle and the product is not available to ask for a rain-check. Some store like Kroger will only give rain-checks to products listed in the ad.


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Again this printable is my own creation and its what helped me shop the other day. You may want to create one that fits your needs better.

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