A Frugal Secret about Bed Wetters!

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A Frugal Secret!

So I’m going to let you in on a Frugal Secret of mine. My kids have accidents occasionally so when we bought the mattresses we did buy them brand new but they were on sale we got Sertas for buy one get one free. It was a good deal and they even did FREE delivery even though we were outside of their delivery area!

Well since they were brand new they still had the plastic wrap which we thought was great and decided to leave it on so the kids if they did wet the bed they would not harm the mattress. Well that didn’t last so long! My kids are rough and they shredded the tops of the plastics.

So here is what we did! We though that getting a very high quality bed cover would do a great job and last awhile. We were wrong we spent around $50 on a very thick high quality one and yup our kids destroyed it.

So one day I was cleaning up some things and putting away the extra shower curtain liners I have gotten from Dollar Tree (We have a few on hand but this is for another frugal reason). The light bulb in my head went on and I realized I could easily use the shower curtain to cover the beds as a temporary solution until I could get another bed cover. Well I did find the bed covers at Dollar Tree and they are decent and work ok, if your kids are NOT like mine who move a lot and play on the beds even when they know the rule not to play on them!

So back to the shower curtains. I purchase them from Dollar Tree and use them for other frugal ideas I do but in this case I have been very pleased to announce it has been over a year and we still use Dollar Tree Shower curtains to cover the kids beds and I am glad to buy 50 of those than to buy another $50 bed cover that my kids will destroy. I have yet for my kids to destroy the Dollar Tree Shower Curtains!

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