Snowflake Wand Tutorial (Disney Frozen)

Snowflake Wands

Snowflake Wand Tutorial

These Snowflake wands are pretty simple to make and will make a great addition to a Disney Frozen theme party.

Be sure to check out other Frozen birthday Ideas that are simple and inexpensive to make. Below you will find the supplies you need plus step by step instructions on how to make the snowflake wand.

Frozen birthday party

What you Need:

– Snowflake Ornaments (Blue, Silver and Pink)

– Dowel Rods

– Silver curling ribbon

– Tape


How to Make:

1. Take your Snowflake Christmas Ornament and remove the string. Take your Ribbon and dowel rod and weave the ribbon in and around the snowflake and dowel rod.

Snowflake wand 1
2. Tape down and twist all around until completely covered and tape down.


That is it! You are done!


What other ideas will you be adding to your Frozen Birthday Party?

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