Social Media 101 For Churches

Social Media 101 For Churches

Does your church need social media? Yes if you want to engage the 30 somethings and their families. Social Media is an effective tool for churches to easily get information out, advertise, encourage and connect.

1. Make sure your Church is connected by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest, yes Printerest!

2. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT post every few minutes, have a 20 minute interval at least. If you post several times within minutes you might as well close your account. No one likes being overwhelmed with TOO MUCH Information at a time. Let people breathe. Allow your News Feed to be taken in strides.

3. DO NOT go a couple of days without posting, Posting infrequently loses your audience and loses your place in Social Media.

4. Be Intentional and provide relevant information for events such as time, place and if child care is provided.

5. Post only facts. Do not post your opinion. Just like a Pastor cannot tell you from a pulpit who to vote for, you SHOULD NOT use Social Media to do so either. Use common sense.

6. DO NOT assume your fans know where your church is or what time an even typically happens. Treat them like a visitor and give them all the necessary information they will need to come to your event or help or whatever the case may be.

7. DO NOT disable your comments. Use Social Media as a way to connect and let your audience talk to you and ask questions. If an unappropriate question is asked or posted be honest and let everyone know that they can call the church and set up a meeting or phone call to address their concern. DO NOT answer the question on Social Media.

8. DO NOT use Social Media to sugar coat God’s Truth. Let His Truth stand on its own. Let it be a tool and allow people to find you.

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