Spider-man Party Ideas

Spider-man Party Ideas

This was my first ever birthday party for my first born son. So yes I was not as an expert as to making great decorations even though I had the limited $$ down to a T!

Most of the items in the picture above are from Dollar Tree.



Spider-man Table Decorations

spiderman table decorations

Spider-man Easter Eggs – These were great table additions, Just fill with candy and make round paper holders to hold them up. Great as a party favor as well.


Spider-man Lunch Box – A few years ago well many years when Spider-man 2 came out they had these Spider-man Lunch boxes filled with candy during Valentine’s well we kept ours and used it for my son’s party as a table decoration.

Wall Decorations

new york spiderman party

Spider-man New York Wall – Take a cardboard box that is tall and cut the top shape of your New York Skyline. Cover with black paper or plastic tablecloth. Cut out yellow squares and tape them to the New York skyline. Check out the Spider-man New York Wall Tutorial.



Spider-man Web Ceiling – Use black yarn to create. Add red, black, yellow and blue streamers and balloons to add to the creativeness. See the Spider-man Web Ceiling tutorial.


Party Favors

Spider-man favor bag

Favor Bags – These are so simple and made from Dollar Tree you can get 10ct for $1 and then use a black sharpie marker to draw the web. Check out the Spiderman Favor Bag Tutorial.




spider costume

My little Spidey – Costumes are always fun and this was a great addition to make the birthday boy in costume of the party. It made it easy for our friends to know which child’s birthday we were celebrating and it was just fun.

Spider-man Pinata

spiderman pinata


You will need a balloon and tons of paper, flour and water. Check out the Spiderman Pinata Tutorial.

Thank You Cards

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