Starting a Simple Blog Part 1: Getting Started

Are you wanting to start a blog? Well you can Google and find out a lot more how to do so there then you would here but here I will share with you all that I learned on how to start a blog.

Ok Lets Get Started! The first step is to pick a name and brand.

Have a vision of what outcome you want to have. That’t the true starting point. Just so you know if you are wanting a get rich quick this is not it. Slow and steady is how blogs work. It took me 2 1/2 yrs to be where I am now. Determine how much time you want to put in it. I could have grown more by now but my blog started out as a way for my family to personally save and then it grew from there and now its a major contributor to our income because of recent circumstances.

Pick a Name – Don’t make it long but make it catchy so it people will remember it. Also check all major social media outlets to make sure no one already has that name. You can check for the domain at I recomend getting a domain name rather than a FREE site, save yourself the hassle spend the $10-$15 dollars. Godaddy always has coupon codes so I have never bought a new domain for more than $.99 and renewing it for more than $9 a year.

You will need to set on a graphic. Be wise and don’t use anyone else images. Whether or not you steal an image or ask for permission it benefits you in the long run to have a unique one for you that everyone can identify you as your brand. You will want this to be placed on all your social media.

Get an Email – If you are self-hosted you probably do not have an email with your package create a gmail account specifically for the blog.

Determine what platform you want – I started on blogger and slowly moved to WordPress. I recommend doing it right at the beginning it will be less hassle. WordPress is much better and you can do so much more. Now that you have your domain you need to attach it to your platform. I am on WordPress and my host is hostgator. I have unlimited hosting so I have several blogs under me but I am not running them. I only run Moms Saving Money and recently added Dads Saving Money as my teachable site.

Next step is to Brand your blog.

Do this by creating your social media outlets.

Here is what you need to create to be well rounded:

– Facebook page – set the url of your page as the name of your page – i.e. htttp://

– Twitter account – use the name of your blog as the public name – @momssavingmoney

– Pinterest – you have to use your name but you can have the url to your blog name. i.e. mine is but if you look my name Rebecca Autry is the page.

– LinkedIn – this is more for the purpose to get connected with other blogs and brands. I have found many companies looking to work with bloggers on here.

– Google+ – this is still relatively new and may never get as big as Facebook but the more you post the more Google likes it and the more you page will rank higher.

Thats it for part 1 – Its alot to get started so be sure to join me for part 2 – How to install WordPress

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