Starveyors Clubhouse

Build a Starveyors Clubhouse is one of the learning activities for Lifeways Galactic Starveyors VBS 2017 Day 1. The information provided below is from the Kindergarten Leader Guide.


Gather your supplies: Bible, Pack items 9 and 11, large cardboard box, reflective tape, colored masking tape or duct tape, crayons and markers, other art supplies as desired.

  • Use the “Clubhouse Ideas” (pack 11) to create a clubhouse observatory using one or more cardboard boxes. Place the clubhouse in a corner of the room. Lay art supplies, book and Bible nearby.
  • Lead Starveyors to decorate the box with the markers, crayons, tape and sign (pack item 9).
  • Talk about looking at the stars at night as Starveyors complete the clubhouse, lie inside or outside the box and pretend to look up at the stars.
  • Open the Bible to Genesis 1 and talk about the Bible story. Remind Starveyors that God created the sky and everything in it. He created the world and everything in it. He created us to love Him.

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