Store Brand is not Always the better Deal when you have a Coupon!

Store Brand is not Always the better Deal

1So you be the judge. Whats a better deal Kroger Rice 30oz. bag for $1.32

OR Mahattama 30oz. bag for $1.79 plus a $.50 coupon that doubles at Kroger making it $.79 for the 30oz bag?

Always make sure to check whats a better deal. Brand names with a coupon typically are cheaper then the store brand.

This is a $.53 savings between brands after coupons and sale. Now if it was reg. price at $2.49 then yes the Kroger brand would be better!


Topic: Store Brand is not Always the better Deal




  1. Kelly

    I try to tell my sister this who whines that her food stamps don’t last her through the month. I used coupons on almost everything I buy. It stretches much further. Either people don’t realize what a savings they can have or they are just too lazy to do it.

  2. Kelly

    Since I started using coupons, I now have some things “on stock” I would not normally have. Granted, you cannot get EVERYTHING with coupons, however, it sure does help to have a “stockpile” of things you can get cheap so that you are not having to chose between paying a bill or go buy meat for dinner.

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