Submerged Bible Study Decoration Ideas

Lifeway Submarine Inside Decoration

Do you wish to have the coolest looking Vacation Bible School Classroom? Here are a few Submerged Bible Study Decoration Ideas that the hubby and I plan on using in our classroom this year.

Submerged Bible Study Decoration Ideas


We are making our classroom like the inside of a submarine. So the walls will be decorated as such using cardboard circles to mimic the windows of a submarine. We use a variety of paint and plastic table clothes to cover the circles. This is fast and less messy!

The wall is covered with orange plastic tablecloths that can be found at Dollar Tree for $1 or Walmart for $.97. I buy them after holidays so the one pictured I paid $.25 from Rite Aid after Halloween on clearance.

Submerged Submarine Decoration

The Windows are made from paper plates from Dollar Tree. They are covered with orange tissue paper that can be found at Dollar Tree. Make sure you pack has orange before buying, usually in the spring or graduation seasons. Blue tissue paper is the inside. The buttons all around I found at a yard sale for a $1 that had easily 1K buttons.

Lifeway Submerine Inside

The joints are made from yellow streamers and the bolts are made from orange streamer cut into circles.

Pretty easy right?





IMG_9310 IMG_9312


Bible Study VBS 2016 Decorations 4

Bible Study VBS 2016 Decorations 2

Bible Study VBS 2016 Decorations 1

Submarine Control Panels

Make your control panels easily by using boxes turned upside down and cut at an angle. Place them on top of a desk or two in front of your glass window area looking into the sea. The classroom I have has an older upright piano so I will be using this as part of my control panel. I plan on covering it with Orange plastic table clothes and having my control panel lay on top were the piano keys are.

The control panels have colored clear plastic cups, wooden push pins and spoons as knobs and handles.

Submarine Control Panel Decoration Submerged VBS 2016 #Lifeway


Submarine Control Panel 1 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016


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