Submerged Hallway Decorations

Submerged hallway decorations
Submerged hallway decorations

Submerged hallway decorations

Submerged Hallway Decoration Ideas

Don’t forget about the hallways. Kids get excited when the theme expands from their classroom into the other areas including the hallway. Use blue plastic tablecloths to cover the hallways. These can be purchase for $1 each at Dollar Tree.

Get some white thin netting and swoop from light to light as shown below and add Paper Plate Turtles to give a cool effect. Check out 5 easy steps to making Paper Plate Turtles.

Paper Plate Turtles - Submerged

Photo credit: Completely Kindergarten

Paper Plate Turtle Craft

These are easy to make and your kids can help with these easy decorations to add dimension to your hallways.

Paper plate Turtle craft VBS 2016 Submerged

Use green streamers to make the effect of seaweed starting from the floor of the hall going up to desired height. Make each one different sizes and twisting to give them dimension as seen below. Take a look at the detailed instructions on how to make Sea Weed from Streamers.

Submerged coral streamers

Cover your walls with blue paper or blue plastic tableclothes from Dollar Tree for $1 each or Walmart for $.97 each. Use the Underwater inflatable creatures from Dollar Tree to hang or attach to the walls to give the underwater theme dimension.

Dollar Tree Inflatables - Submerged VBS 2016 Submerged VBS 2016 Decorations Shark

sea horse - submerged

Submerged Inflatables


Use clear balloons to make the look of bubbles but do not air these up until a couple of days before your VBS week. You can also use the clear plastic Christmas Ornaments but I recommend you wait to buy them until after Christmas Season and all the decorations go on clearance. It pays to plan ahead. You can ask your local Walmart, Target and so on what is their typical mark down time for Christmas items.

Clear Balloons bubbles

Photo Credit:

You can also use Blue Christmas Ornaments as bubbles as well. Makes for great texture and feel of underwater

Submerged Bubbles Christmas Ornaments



Submerged hallway decorations

VBS Submerged Hallway Decoration cardboard 2016





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