Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Treat #Recipe

Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Treat #recipe

Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Treat #Recipe


What you Need:

– Sugar Cones

– Frosting White

– M&M’s

– Mini Marshmallows

– Green Food Coloring


How to Make:

1. First take your Sugar cone and make sure the opening is as flat as you can get it.

2. Turn your sugar cone with open side facing down.

3. Take your frosting and add a couple of drops green food coloring and mix well. Continue to add more food coloring until the color is what you want is desired. Mix well.

4. Add your frosting to your upside down cone. Make sure to cover the entire cone.

5. Add your desired M&M’s to your tree pressing firmly.

6. Lastly take one mini marshmallow and place on top of your Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Treat.

That”s it! You’re done. 


This is a great and easy treat to let the kids decorate their own treat and eat. Yes it can be messy but its alot of fun. Let kids be kids.


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