Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas


I created Super Mario Invitations. You can check out the tutorial for the Super Mario Invitations.



Wall Decorations

Super Mario Coins Princess Peach Castle

Super Mario Coins. I made Gold Coins to place on the Wall to place on my Super Mario World Sky. Check out the Super Mario Coins Tutorial for a step by step guide. Simple and Easy to make.

Princess Peach Castle.  I used large cardboard boxes for the frame and covered it with white material. You can easily use white table plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree. I then used duck tape to make the bricks. I used red cardstock for the roofs and blue flag material for the sky. These were all items I had on hand. You can used blue plastic tablecloth for the sky. I used Fishing wire to hold everything up.

Super Mario Star Dangles

Star Dangles. These are super simple. Simply cut out yellow stars and add some white and black eyes. Use green curling ribbon to hang them. Very simple. Check out the Star Dangles Tutorial.

Floor Decorations

How to make a super mario pipe

Super Mario Tube. This was fun and made from cardboard and green flag material that was going to be tossed out. I am good at re-purposing items. I used newspaper to stuff the rim. I also made an opening on the back so kids can play in and out of it. Check out the Super Mario Tube Tutorial.

Party Favors

Super Mario Red Toad Loot Bag

Super Mario Toad Loot Bags. These are very simple and easy to make. Take brown paper lunch bags from Dollar Tree and use red construction paper or cardstock and cut out the Toad head along with white circles. Tape or glue together. Very simple and easy and you can color on eyes. Check out the Step by Step tutorial Super Mario Toad Loot Bags.


Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes

Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes. Make cupcakes as directed by cake mix directions. Use icing and add blue or green as desired for color. Add White marshmallow fondant circles to mushroom spots. Check out the Marshmallow Fondant tutorial.


Super mario 1 up pinata

1 Up Mushroom Pinata. This was fun to make. Took a bit of time trying to figure out how to make, but check out the 1 Up Mushroom Pinata Tutorial for you to make it quickly.


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