How to Make Super Mario & Luigi Hats

Super Mario & Luigi Hat tutorial

How to Make Super Mario & Luigi Hats

What you Need:

– Green Material

– Red Material

– White Material

– Black Material

– Scissors

– Thread and a Needle

– Paper to make your Pattern


How to Make: 

Step 1

Take your Material and cut a large circle, I used the top of a Larger mixing bowl.

Step 2

Cut a Strip about 3 inch width by length around the head plus 1 inch for the person you are making the hat for. Make sure to make the hump in the front for the Letters M and L for Mario and Luigi Hats.

Step 3

Cut two half circles for the front rim or cut a smaller circle and fold in half. Add a piece of cardboard to hold the rim up.

Step 4

Sew each piece together. For me hand sewing is much easier than using a sewing machine. You can go over with a sewing machine and reinforce it.

Step 5

Add the White circle in the front middle of the hat and sew on.

Step 6

Add the M or L for the logo on the front of the hat.

Step 7

Cut our cardboard in the shape of the hat to help keep the shape.

That’s it! You are done!

Topic: How to Make Super Mario & Luigi Hats

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