Super Mario Star Dangles

Need a quick and easy decoration for your Super Mario theme party? Look no further this Super Mario Star Dangles are very simple, cheap and great to make for your party. Below you will find instructions on how to make them. You will also be directed to download the SVG file.

Super Mario Star Dangles

Super Mario Star Dangles

What you Need:

  • – Yellow Construction paper or cardstock
  • – Green Curling Ribbon
  • – Black Construction paper or cardstock
  • White Construction paper or cardstock
  • – Glue or Double sided Tape



How to Make:

1. Gather your materials needed.

2. Take the Yellow paper and cut out stars. You can find the Star shape I used in the Store for FREE. Click to get download the Super Mario Star Dangle File.

3. Take the Black paper and cut out eyes. You can find the oval shape that I use for the eyes with the Super Mario Star Dangles download.

4. Glue the white oval to the black oval. Glue the black eyes on to the yellow star.

5. Now cut the Green curling ribbon to desired length and use double sided tape to attach to the back of the star.

Optional: Add eyes on both sides of the stars. Use scissors to curl the green ribbon as desired. Be sure to leave the ribbon long enough to adjust length when hanging up the Super Mario Star Dangles.

That’s it! You are done!

Super Mario Star Dangle

Do you have other simple Super Mario party decoration ideas? Please share or link in the comments below. I like to hear about your creations.

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