Survival Springs (Snacks) Decoration Ideas

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Survival Springs (Snacks) Decoration Ideas

Canyon formations similar and reminds me of the Grand Canyon! Since I am not helping out with snacks the ideas below are partially mine but mostly those pictured in a fellowship hall are the great artistic talent from our church the Williams. Our VBS week is not till the end of June so most pictures will not be loaded until then.


survival springs

Survival Springs Rock Formations

survival springs

– Cardboard

– Lots of packaging tape


First measure from top to bottom (ceiling to floor) so you know how tall you need to make it. I free hand drew mine. Its like a cave but I am only doing a portion of it because of time constraints.

My children had a blast on their way to school as we transported the pieces from home to the church.

survival springs 2


survival springs piece 1

Made from cardboard and orange plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree

I found paint at church and used lots of tape!

Survival Springs 3

Survival Springs Flooring

– Blue Tarps

Ask for donations of large blue tarps or you can by them for $8 at Dollar General. Lay them on the floor and secure with tape so they will not move around. Cover the entire visible floor or at least the majority.

Survival Springs Lilly pad tables

Take green tablecloths (round plastic) and drape them onto your tables and secure with tape so they last all week. Make sure to cut a triangle slit to make the Lily pad. Add a White frilly flower for the centerpiece and maybe a bee or butterfly!

Survival Springs Lilly Pad decorations


Survival Springs K Cup Flowers hanging

Use the k cups that I created for the Shady Grove area but keep the white and add a blue frilly trim of paper, tissue paper or even pom poms, hang them from the ceiling as pictured above. They will not look the same but similar. Still fun and easy to make. Simply string green curling ribbon thru the hole and tie the end to a paper clip to easily tape to the ceiling or hook on the tiled ceiling.

Survival Springs Decoration Ideas


Pine Cone Flowers

I was at a church cleaning out their Children’s Supply Closet and found all kinds of different things including a trash bag full of pine cones. They were going to throw them out so I jumped in and said I could use them for my church. I had no idea at the time what I would use them for so I carried them around in my trunk for 2 weeks and then it occurred to me. I can make Pine Cone Flowers out of them.

What you need:
– Pine Cones
– Spray Paint (any color)
– Construction Paper
– Big Straws or Kabob Sticks
– Green Streamer Roll
– Tape (packaging)
– Tacky Glue

Be sure to check out the Full step by step tutorial on how to make Pine Cone Flowers.

Quick Summary: Spray paint your pine cones with whatever color of spray paint you have. Cut out flower pedals and glue the bottom of the pine cone to the pedals and then glue to the paper towel roll. Cover the paper towel roll with green streamer and glue or tape down. That is it!

Other Survival Springs Snack Decorations



Journey off the Map Snack Ideas

Journey off the map  snacks


Make sure to check out some of the Journey off the map snack ideas to make your VBS 2015 Theme come alive even at snack time. One of my favorite places to see at VBS!

Here is 2014 Agency D3 Theme for the Snack Room. Didn’t the Williams do a fantastic job.

Agency D3 Snack Machine

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