Disney Tangled Draw Bridge

Disney Tangled Draw Bridge

You can make a huge draw bridge coming from the bathroom or even the outside door.

Simple and very easy to make.


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Princess Dollar Tree Decorations


What you Need:

– Silver or Bronze paper

– Glue or double sided tape

– Silver Tablecloth


How to Make:

1. Take silver or bronze color paper and cut into 1 inch strips. You can cut them as long as you want or as small as you want. I cut my strips 1 inch by 5 ¼ inches


2. Connect your strips into rings using a glue stick or double sided tape much like the rings you make for the Christmas countdown calendar do the same.


3. Once your chains are completed you will tape one end of the chain to the door and the other side to the silver paper or tablecloth you use for the bridge part.


4. Cut out a draw bridge shape either rectangle or curved. Lay this part on the floor and secure. Since I have no intentions of it lasting longer than the birthday party, I made mine out of plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree.


That is it! You are done!

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