Tangled Tower Pinata Tutorial

Tangled Tower

Tangled Tower Pinata Tutorial

Are you looking for Girls Birthday Party Ideas? You are in luck, Disney Frozen would be an awesome theme but if you are looking for something much less frozen consider a Rapunzel Theme Party. Are you looking for other ideas for Tangled Birthday Party simply click on the image below and get ready to be filled with creative ideas.

Ideas for Tangled Birthday Party


I love Pinata’s and this is one of my favorites. I actually made two Tangled Pinata’s because I had so many ideas flowing. Check out the tutorial for Wanted Finn Ryder Pinata.

Tangled Tower Pinata

What you Need:

– Cardboard Box

– Packaging Tape

– Bungee Cord

– Tissue paper of all colors

– Tan, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Brown Cardstock



The majority of these products can be purchased at Dollar Tree or Walmart for around $5. Make sure to ask employees for boxes they may be throwing out. I like using Christmas Gift boxes because they are lightweight but very sturdy. I got mine at Dollar General after Christmas clearance for $.10 for 2pk.

How to Make:

1. First you will need to cut out the base and top rim of the base. Both of these are around 6 inches. You can use a bowl for the shape. Cut 2. Determine the height you want your tower. I like the size of the Christmas gift boxes without the sides. These are the larger boxes so when you put them in a circle it will be about 5 inches. My circles are 5 1/2 inches in diameter.

Tangled Pinat Step 1

2. Now take your packaging tape and tape the tower to your base and do the same to the base top.

Tangled Pinata Step 2

3. Now cut a circle about 2 inches larger than the base or larger if you desire. I did mine at 8 inches. Take cardboard and make a cone shape with the bottom the size of the bigger circle. Not pictured is also a 3-4 inch height strip that is taped on the rim for the top part of the tower.

Tangled Pinata Step 3

4.  You will be taping it on but first you will need to poke a hole at the top to allow the bungee cord to pass through. Tape extensively both top and bottom of the bungee cord. You make want to reinforce it with left over cardboard as I have done. This gives it just a bit more secure so it will hold up for many of your guests. Just so you know, my pinatas are known to be hard to break even though I do my best to use less and less tape.

Tangled Pinata Step 4


5. Tape the Base to cone top and secure tightly.

Tangled Pinata Step 5

6. Tape the rim of the top tower to the cone top and then tape to the bottom half of the tower. Make sure to secure tightly. If you have not already done so make sure you have left an opening as picture toward the bottom of the tower to put your candies in later.Tangled Pinata Step 6

7. Take Black Tissue paper and cover the base of the Rapunzel Tower completely and use tape to secure.

Tangled Pinata Step 7

8. Take White Tissue paper and cover the top of the tower and secure with tape.

Tangled Pinata Step 8

9. Cut out 1/2 in strips of varying colors, I used what I had with light blue, brown, beige, and purple. I recommend tissue paper since it is light weight and easier to bend. I used a glue stick to glue them on. Make it alternating overlaps as how bricks are layered.

Tangled Pinata Step 9

10. Take beige cardstock and cut both sides of the paper at a V shape with the larger side at the top and tape on the tower base over the black. Do this with both sheets leaving 1 1/2 inch in between at the top of the base allowing the black to show through.

Tangled Pinata Step 10

11. Using Black Tissue paper cut out a window shape and glue onto the window. Also not pictured was the creation of the window. I simply folded a piece of Christmas Gift box in half and cut diagonal until it fit on the roof and taped it down. Covered it with white tissue paper.

Tangled Pinata Step 11

12. Take a light brown cardstock and cut strips at 1/2 inch width and glue around the base of the top all the way around. Also glue around the window to make a frame.

Tangled Pinata Step 12

13. Make small strips for the roof of the window and glue. Cut 2 rectangle shapes for windows and glue one on each side of the main window.

Tangled Pinata Step 13


14. Take Purple tissue paper and cut into strips then cut slits about 1/2 inch in and about 1/2 inch apart on the strips. Glue the strips on the roof all the way around in layers until the entire roof is covered.

Tangled Pinat Step 14

15. Take the brown strip of cardstock and cut 3 inch strips. Curl both ends of the strips toward each other and glue about 2 1/2 inches apart all around the base and top of the pinata. Then take green yarn and cut strips the length of the vines you wish to make. I used the glue to make my pattern and then added the yarn and cut to size. do this on both sides of the tan paper on the tower bottom.

Tangled Pinata Step 15


16. Last step! Make little flowers and leaves from cardstock. I used yellow, purple and pink. I mixed and matched the colors. I cut 2 sizes. I used brads to connect them and glue them down. I used rhinestone glue to make sure they stuck since it metal.

Tangled Pinata Step 16






Rapunzel Tower Pinata

That is it! You are done!

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  1. Chrystal @ YUM eating

    You’ve inspired me to turn this into a fairy house. So cute. My step daughter loves her Disney, but at 9 she’s starting to get at that age where shes away from the Princess stuff. Using materials we already have, I think this would be a great project for us to make a fairy tower! SO adorable! Stopping by from the SITS FB Post.

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