The People You Meet in the ER Waiting Room!

The People You Meet in the ER Waiting Room!

So if you didn’t already know I drove my friends to a hospital an hour away from our home to see a Neurosurgeon because he has Hydrocephalus and he has been having some problem lately and they were getting concerned.

So that is the back story. As you may know sitting in the ER waiting room can be long!

First I met a grandma who looked my age or maybe just a few years older but her grandson was the cutest little thing. He recently learned to walked and has this big huge grin that makes you smile! He was so cute and I played peek a boo with him!

Then I met a lady who accidentally left her phone plugged in across from me and when she was on her way out she realized she left it. She thanked me for watching over it. I really didn’t and honestly I thought she was sitting on the other side of the seats where she plugged it in. She was very sweet.

Then there were these three sisters who were there waiting on their other sister who has a brain Aneurysm and was admitted. They were reminiscing about their grandmothers who would give them Cheetos and donuts. They were pretty funny to listen to their memories of how they would get into trouble.

I saw a prisoner who was pushed in on a wheelchair by 2 guards. He was in BRIGHT orange. It was very BRIGHT.

I also heard a mother get upset about her daughter passing out on the sidewalk just outside the ER and she was SO MAD that no one saw her daughter on the sidewalk to come get her. The daughter seems to be around 20 or so I don’t know I didn’t see here but the mother was pretty loud and very upset.

There was a guy who came in to get a drug test and he was escorted out because he now has 6 months of jail. Not sure why but they had him handcuffed and he was telling his wife and kids where he was going!

As we near midnight there is more security guards on hand. But overall I have to say this ER is pretty calm and mellow compared to most ER’s I have been in.

So what kind of people have you met in the ER waiting room?

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  1. Stephanie

    You meet some very different people there that’s for sure. I dislike the ones that complain about having to wait. Like being loud is going to get them seen any faster.

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