The Verdict is in!

The Verdict is in!

Well after 3 hrs at the eye doctor our boys are in need of glasses. I can’t believe between the 2 of them we spent just as much as buying a new lenovo laptop thankfully all but part was covered.

The only part not covered was the  anti-glare and replacement lenses.

So yes we got a letter from the school nurse that our oldest son may need professional attention to his eyes. you can read when glasses are needed. Well we had asked about our other son and they did try screening him but could not get much of anything out of him so it was inconclusive so at the Drs. today we found out he has even worse eyesight. He is very farsighted but not as bad as I was when I first go my first pair. So in 10 days my boys will be smiling with the ability to see clearly.

So I want to encourage you even if you do not have the financial means there are programs thru the school you can apply for. In this case we did not have to because the majority of their visits were covered and I only paid the extras that were not covered anyway. It could have been a whole lot worse.

Thanks for following along with my crazy life and my kids.

Topic: The Verdict is in!

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