Themed Birthday Ideas

Themed Birthday Ideas

Here is a list of Themed Birthday Ideas I have done in the past.

1. Spider-man

how to make a spider-man pinataThe first themed birthday party I did for my first born was spider-man  This was only the beginning! I made a spider-man pinata. My son wore a spider-man costume and we even made a large spider web connected to our ceiling with balloons. I was so amateur about how to make a party look good! I did use a lot of  solid reds and blacks to go with the theme. I even built New York out of cardboard! See How to Make a Spider-man Pinata.



2. Disney Cars

disney cars pinata lightening McQueenThere is so much Disney Cars products out there but you can find some really good deals now on the first cars items plus use solid colors to accent the party. I built a Lightning McQueen pinata out of cardboard and it was so strong, I used for Cars 2 birthday party about 2 yrs later! Make Route 66 Invitations. Fill handmade Piston Cups with your treats. Use black mini donuts circles as tires!




3. Blue’s Clues

I had found so much Blue’s Clues items on clearance at a local party store and made a Blue’s Pinata out of cardboard. We enjoyed making tons of spots and footprints.

4. Transformers

how to make a transformers PinataI did 2 Transformers parties both of which had to be inside because middle of winter. I made a Autobot on the carport using black masking tape. I made an Autobot Pinata one side red and the other side blue. My sister created a Pyramid cake and we used some of the Transformers figurines as cake toppers. I made large letters to spell out



5. Disney Cars 2

6. Handy Man

7. Mickey Mouse Club House

How to Make Donald Duck Pinata

8. Disney Princess

princess castle pinataMy little princess loves the color pink and it was so easy to put this one together since we found tons of invites and decorations at Big Lots for $.50 as well as princess items at Dollar Tree. Check out How to Make a Princess Castle.




9. Disney Tinkerbell.

10. Handy Manny

11. Batman.

12. Jake and the Never land Pirates.

Treasure Chest Pinata 9One of my favorites! My hubby dressed as a Pirate and we had a Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata. See instructions on How to Make a Treasure Chest Pinata.



13. Power Rangers.
Red Power Ranger Samurai PiñataWe made Power Ranger Samurai Masks and a Power Ranger Samurai Pinata 2 sided. See instructions on how to make a Power Ranger Samurai Pinata.






14. Dora the Explorer.

dora backpack pinataHave a Dora Backpack pinata. How to Make a Dora Backpack Pinata.





15. Graduation

Create a fabulous graduation party that any graduate and their friends would love to attend. Have a fiesta taco bar (self serve), some popular music of the current year, a slide show of the graduate playing in the background and of course buiild your own Photobooth! How to Make a Photo Booth.

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