The Themed Party

The themed party

She looked at paper in a different way, not like you and me. We see shades of colors 8 1/2 x 11 inches or 12 x 12 inches. We see cardboard boxes as just that, cardboard boxes.

She saw castles, towers, minons, repair stores, trees, transformers, Big Ben and much more. I don’t know how she did it, but all I know is she molded and created them with her hands. She used the simplest things like plastic tablecloths, paper, tissue paper, cardboard, tissue rolls and the list goes on. She used what she had and nothing more.

My mom and dad didn’t have much money, but they knew how to throw a party. We got to choose a theme and with my moms hands and what she had, she made a theme party special just for us.

She made the hardest to bust pinata’s you could imagine. Better then those in the store. They were made with love and nothing more made her happy then to see all of us jump and run with excitement to get all the goodies.

We did not have the fancy theme paper products from the store, she made her own custom paperware out of solid colors. Our parties were not anything spectacular and followed the same schedule – pray, eat, pinata, cake, presents. What we remember are the themes. As soon as our party ended we were already selecting the next birthday theme and brainstorming ideas. She would often tell us, “I’m good but I’m not that good.” With what she made how can you not think she can’t work magic! She thought of the impossible and created it.

Her hands were callused not from machine or repetitive factory or field work, but from working with her hands to create a theme just for us.

You’ll be amazed of how far she can make things stretch. She reused every bit of cardboard, tissue paper, tablecloth, etc. If it could be used again she did and made them into new things.

“Mom, you can make anything,” – Elijah.


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