This Mom Got in Trouble!



This Mom Got in Trouble!

Haha I’m laughing at myself because of the actions I did got me into trouble well sort of!

Its funny now but wasn’t during the time! My middle child has intestinal problems that can easily be dealt with his diet and we are pretty good at keeping it ok!

He gets stopped up easily and as a mother I don’t like seeing him struggle or in pain and when he hasn’t gone for a couple of days and complains of hurting then I know to take action.

I’m trying to be discreet but when he hadn’t gone to the bathroom I started to give him a fruit and veggie that makes him go. I’m not wanting to give him any laxatives even though we have a prescribed one for him that is suppose to be natural. I’m not sure if it is or not but that’s not the point. Typically giving him fruit snacks (gummies) helps with this issue but lately he has decided he no longer like them.

He has also decided he doesn’t want carrots either! So I changed it up and gave him cherry tomatoes and strawberries. I have no idea if these are natural laxatives for the average person but I do know they slowly work with him. I wasn’t giving him a whole lot either I simply gave him 2 strawberries and 6 cherry tomatoes for the past 2 days in his school lunch.

Yesterday after going over to a friends home to help them out I happen to look at facebook and had a message that the school called and a friend of mine who is an emergency contact was on their way to pick him up and clean him!

Yes he did have a change of clothes but he went through both sets! I am grateful for my friend and my sister and another friend whom all had a part in helping me with what is now a funny situation.

I literally had barley left my home when the school initially called me. I feel embarrassed more so now that I know what the issue was he did have some diarrhea but not as much as the school seem to make it out. I didn’t think anything about what I had put in his lunch I was more concerned that I was by the phone the whole day until I went to help a friend out.

It wasn’t until we got home when I asked him to go change into different clothes that he said he had to go bathroom. Well he asked for more paper and like any mommy would after this situation, you would to see if he was still having the runs. Yup he sure did and it was GREEN! TMI I know but yup it was my fault!!! I’m the one, all the fingers pointing at me!!! I was the mother who gave my kid foods to make him go!!!

I should have known I was the culprit in the mess. I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter yesterday that it was a humorous day and this is part of it!

I writing and posting this because this mommy made a mistake and got in trouble. I had good intentions and was trying to help my little guy out without giving him medications to assist him when we normally do well with just his diet. So go ahead leave your mommy troubles below in the comments, I won’t judge, I promise. While you are leaving a comment go ahead and laugh at me, I know you want to!!!

Update: He is fine now and so far has been able to make it today for his class trip and I haven’t been called by the school, I also haven’t left the house!

Before you say I should have a cell phone on me, yup I should but I am horrible at keeping up with it so we canceled my phone since it wasn’t worth paying the money or it when I tend to lose it all the time.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. April Keller

    I don’t know about you but it seems anytime the school calls me it is when I just have left after being home all day and I have a cell with me pretty much all the time but they tend to call my home especially when I am not there. Glad it all worked out in the end. 🙂

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