Thor Hammer DIY #Avengers Party Idea

Thor hammer

Thor Hammer DIY

These can be a fun item for you to have at a Avengers theme party. Keep the kids occupied and entertained. Be sure to tell the kids not to hit each other.

What you Need:

– Tissue box

– Paper Towel

– Gray Duck Tape

– Black streamer

– Scotch Tape

Thoir Hammer Supplies


How to Make:

1. Take your Paper towel (or in my case I bought plastic candy canes from Wal-mart at 75% off after Christmas clearance) and black streamer. Take the streamer and tape starting at the bottom of the roll and spiral the streamer up until the roll is completely covered and tape the end.

Thor hammer black handle

2. Take your small rectangle tissue box (I made my own from Christmas Gift Boxes in which I got 3pk for $.10 at Dollar General from the Christmas Clearance the year before) and cover with either grey duck tape or silver/grey paper. I used silver plastic tablecloth that I got at Dollar General for $1.  You can use tissue paper or construction paper. Make sure the box is completely covered.

3. Time to add your handle to your hammer part. Use the base of the candy cane to draw your circle at the bottom of the box. If you are using the tissue box just insert your candy cane with the curved part into the box. Take Duck tape and wrap the handle securing it into the box. I used packaging tape because I covered mine with the silver tablecloth.

That is it! You are done!

What I like about mine is the candy canes are already filled with Hershey Candy! Not only is my Thor Hammer a cool favor to have but it’s also a great take home treat.

My total cost for these 24 was $6. Each candy cane was $.25 from the Christmas Clearance and the silver tablecloth was a $1. That made them about $.29 a piece. I already had black streamers that were given to me but you can find them at Dollar Tree for $1 for 2 rolls.

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