Thor Party Ideas

If you are a fan of Avengers then Thor may be one of your favorites. Below is a collection of Thor Party Ideas that are simple and inexpensive to make. These Thor Party Ideas can be combined with other Avenger Party Ideas to make a wonderful Super Hero Party.

Thor Hammer Snacks

Simple Thor Party Ideas that rock!

Thor Cheese Hammers

  1. Thor Cheese/Pretzel Hammers are easy to make and edible. They make for a great snack for a Thor Party! Use Mozzarella sticks and cut into 4 pieces. Get the Pretzel sticks and simply push your pretzel stick into the center of a Mozzarella piece.Thor hammer
  2. DIY Thor Hammer Party Favor is made from the Christmas plastic Candy canes. I made these shortly after Christmas so the candy is still good. Cover the base with black streamer and make the hammer top from a small rectangle box covered with silver table cloth. Check out the full DIY Thor Hammer Party Favor Tutorial.

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