Thor’s Hammer Treat #Avengers

Thor Cheese Hammers

Thor’s Hammer Treat #Avengers

Do you need a quick Avengers inspired semi healthy snack? Here you go with these simple and easy to make Thor Hammers. These treats are so easy even the kiddos can make them for you. And the cost is very inexpensive. Get your guest involved and have them make their own.

What you Need:

– Cheese Sticks

– Pretzel Sticks

Thor Hammer Supplies snack

How to Make:

1. I used Mozzarella Sting Cheese. Cut one stick into 3 equal parts. If you feel the hammer (cheese) part is to large you can cut the cheese into 4 equal parts making each cheese stick going further.

Thor's Hammer Pretzel snack

2. Take your pretzel stick and cut to size if needed. Then stick one end piercing into the cheese cube in the middle. Make sure that the pretzel stick is secure and will not tip over if you lay the hammer part down. You can either display these laying on their sides or you can have them hammer down and stick facing up. I displayed mine on a Blue Star plastic dish I found at Goodwill and paid less than $.10.

That is it! You are done!

Thor Hammer Snacks

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