Tinkerbell Flower Pinata Tutorial

tinkerbell flower pinata

Tinkerbell Flower Pinata Tutorial

Do you have a Tinkerbell fan? This easy to make pinata will be a great addition to your Tinkerbell Party. Most of the items can be purchased at Dollar Tree.

What you Need:

– Cardboard box

– Packaging Tape

– Scissors

– Various Purple tissue paper

– Green Tissue Paper

– Purple Curling Ribbon

– Double Sided tape

– Scissors

– Pinata candy and party favors

– Baseball Bat – Cord/Thick String (For Smashing Pinata at Party)

– Bungee cord


How to Make Tinkerbell Flower Pinata:

1. Take your Cardboard and Cut the shape of a flower making sure you have a front and back.

2. Take strips of cardboard of desired width to take both front and back together following the curves of the flower.

3. Take a strip of cardboard and put a hole in the middle, push thru a loop with your bungee cord. Tape down.

4. Add the Bungee loop facing outward.

5. Fill Pinata with tissue paper or newspaper along with candy and pinata favors. Close pinata up.

6. Cover entire pinata with a dark purple tissue paper.

7. Cut a smaller light purple flower for both sides of the pinata and attach.

8. Take green tissue paper and fold a 3 inch strip and cut slits about 1 inch apart and attach to the rim of the pinata all around on both sides. It helps to attach first and then cut slits.

9. Take the curling ribbon and outline the inner flower of both sides.

That’s it! You are done!

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