Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Everyone wants to stay a kid forever, right? These Tinkerbell Party Ideas will help you create a unique Tinkerbell party that will give your birthday child a great party.

Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Have a great fairy party with Tinkerbell and her friends. Little girls just love these little fairies.

Tinkerbell Invites

Tinkerbell Invite

Tinkerbell Invitations – I used the Tinkerbell Cartridge for the Cricut Machine to cut the shapes to make the Tinkerbell Invitations. Check out the Tinkerbell Invitation Tutorial.

Table Decorations

Princess and the Frog Flowers Table Decoration

Paper cup Flowers are great additions to any table top and especialy for a Tinkerbell Party. Check out the Tutorial.


Wall Decorations

Ballon flower 1 tinkerbell

Balloon Flower 2 Tinkerbell

Balloon Flower 3 Tinkerbell

Balloon Flower 4 Tinkerbell

Balloon Flowers – Easy to make. Simply air up 4 of one color and one of another and tie together in the shape of a flower.

Tinkerbell Trees

Cardboard Trees – Take Cardboard and cut into shape as a Tree. Add green to the tops of the trees and secure with tape. This is a nice large background prop great for photo opps.

Party Favors

Fairy Wands – Take Silver Stars and glue to wand. Use ribbon to cover the stick and tape. So much fun to make for fairy guests.

Tinkerbell Food Ideas

Tinkerbell Food Ideas

Tinkerbell Cake

Tinkerbell Cake

Tinkerbell Barbie Cake – Again I cannot take credit for this cake. My sister made this wonderful Tinkerbell cake.

Butterfly Cupcakes – Great addition to the cake so you won’t have to destroy the cake!

Tinkerbell Butterfly Cupcakes

Tinkerbell Pinata
tinkerbell flower pinata

Tinkerbell Flower Pinata – Making a Tinkerbell Flower Pinata was simple and lots of fun. Check out the Tinkerbell Flower Pinata Tutorial

Thank You Cards

Check out other Theme Party Ideas.

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