Today I would have been without a Job

Today I would have been without a Job

At the beginning of the year my sister asked me to plan my nieces graduation party. As a frugal minded as I am I came up with a list of places to hold the party at. We ended up in the Library Meeting room which was FREE.

However one of the places we looked at was Peaks of Otter Lodge which at the time was closed because the previous contractors let go of the contract to run it for the next 10 yrs. Well thru my investigation it led to an interview and a job offer.

The land that the Peaks of Otter Lodge is surrounded is part of a National Forest and operated by the National Park and Recreation which as you know with the Government shutdown has been closed until further notice.

So what does this mean? Had I been able to take that job I would be without a job today.

If you didn’t know my family is struggling financially. Now that all my kids are in full day school we agreed I would find a job that fit with our schedules. Well after my second child was born almost 6 yrs ago I became a stay at home mother because at the time child care was more than what I was making. So not having a formal job since then I am struggling to get a job. I am either over qualified or don’t fit what they are looking for. I have filled out close to 100 applications and only had 5 interviews. The only job I was given a contract and a start date was at the Peaks of Otter and now they had to close because of the Government Shutdown.

You could say the God was watching over me and knew that I would not have a job 2 months down the road or the fact that our schedules have not allowed me to get a job. Whatever the case may be, we have been relying on coupons, blogging income and help from others (we are not proud we have had to ask) and the many blessings given to us even when people didn’t know.

So that sums it up. I would be without a job.

Thanks for reading.

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