Transferring a Site How To Guide

Transferring a Site How to Guide

This by no means is professional it just how I get the job done!

1. You need access to both cpanels of both sites.

2. Site A if where you transfer from first in the cpanel go to phpmyAdmin and export the database to be transferred.

3. Go to Site B and create a database in wpadmin and import the file you just exported from site A.

4. Change the config-wp.php file to pull the new database.

That’s it! You are Done!

Be sure to check your posts that everything works.

If you are changing urls you will need to set up redirects and update permalinks.


Or I will go to

the file manager click on the folder I want to transfer and select all push the compress link

I will then click on the zip link and download

I will then go to Wpadmin and export the database

I will then import the database into the new site.


Topic: Transferring a Site How To Guide

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