Transformers Autobot Floor Decoration Tutorial

Tansformers autobot floor decoration

Transformers Autobot Floor Decoration Tutorial

My boys became so obsessed with Transformers one year and the following year that I actually did two Transformers parties back to back. This floor decoration came out amazing and was a great decoration to the Transformers theme.

Very simple and easy to do on your own and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Simply get yourself some black duck tape and scissors and have a picture of an Autobot to mimic. I just had the symbol open on my laptop as I laid the tape down so I can make sure I had the correct shape.

What you Need:

– Duck Tape or Electric Tape

– Scissors


How to Make:

1. Simply Cut as you go different sizes 2 of every piece to make the Autobot Transformers Logo.

2. Stick your pieces down one by one it it much easier if you start from the middle toward outwards.

3. Use a picture of the logo as a reference.

That is it! You are done!

Topic: Transformers Autobot Floor Decoration Tutorial

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