Transformers Pyramid Cake Recipe

Transformers Pyramid Cake

Transformers Pyramid Cake Recipe

I cannot take credit for this yummy cake. My sister Melissa is the creator.

What you Need:

– 2 Cake Mix (including ingredients on box)

– Graham Cracker Crumbs

– Chocolate pudding

– Autobot Figures!


How to Make:

1. Make your cakes as directed for extra moist add an additional eggs and more milk. Use large rectangle pans you will need 3.

2. Once cake is baked, let cool in freezer for an hour so it easily workable.

3. Take cake out of freezer and begin to cut your layers. The bottom layer is just an uncut rectangle cake.

4. The next piece is a square piece of the cake cut from a rectangle about 2/3 of it.

5. Take your third sheet of cake and cut a slightly smaller square and so on until you have all your height.

6. Cover entire cake with pudding.

7. Sprinkle heavily with Graham crackers.


That is it! You are done!

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