Turkey Fruit Tray Recipe

Turkey Fruit Tray

Turkey Fruit Tray Recipe

What you Need:

– Apple or Pear

– 1 Banana

– Strawberries

– Grapes

– Cheese

– 2 Skittles or M&M’s


How to Make:

1. First slice your Pear or Apple in half.

2. Slice your banana.

3. Cut the top stems off the strawberries and then slice in half.

4. Place your Apple or Pear in the center bottom of your tray.

5. Place your strawberries inverted every other one around the apple/pear.

6. Place your banana slices around the strawberries.

7. Place your handful of grapes around the strawberries.

8. Cut your nose and legs from a slice of cheese and put in place.

9. Lastly add your Skittles/M&M’s as eyes.

That’s it! You are done! Enjoy

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