When Buying a Tux is Cheaper than Renting!

My sister in-law is getting married in over a month form now and my boys will be ring bearers so naturally she wants them in tux’s.

The rental for the tux’s are $189. But to purchase the entire tux minus shoes costs on average around $69.99 each. So it was a no brainer to me that I go ahead and purchase the tux’s.

Men’s Warehouse uses tinytux.com for boys tux’s and when I recently went to place my order they were on sale for $53 each plus $2 each for a bigger size than their base size with $4.99 Shipping plus tax. My total was $121.

Well I googled searched for promo codes and came up with FB10 which took a little over $11 off. So for both tux’s I paid $109 and change including shipping.

So I just saved myself $278 and we now own both tux’s so they can possibly wear them again for Easter or maybe a¬†Halloween¬†costume! My guess I will probably hand them down to someone else in the future for their boys.

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