VBS 2016 Submerged Decoration Tools

Olaf Balloon Tutorial suppliesVBS 2016 Submerged Decoration Tools

This is not intended to be an exhausted list of Tools but a great start to tools you can use year after year for VBS decorating.

Bamboo skewers
Brown packing paper
Colored construction and art paper (on rolls)
Crafterโ€™s hot knife
Drop cloths (natural colored)
Fishing line
Foam adhesive
Glue gun
Heavyweight paper
Heat gun
Jig saw
Latex and acrylic paints
Masking, clear packing, and electrical tape
Measuring tape
Paint brushes (both foam and bristle)
Paint pens
Painterโ€™s tape
Pencils and erasers
Permanent markers
Projector (overhead or digital)
Rigid insulation foam panels
Spray paint
Utility knife with extra sharp blades
Wood burning tool
Yardstick, ruler, and measuring tape
Yarn or rope
Xacto Knife


Topic: VBS 2016 Submerged Decoration Tools


  1. Jen buckmaster

    We use both, depends on the project. I prefer for the kids to use glue sticks though since they are less messy and some of their things have been ruined when applying too much Elmers glue and it seeps through and damages the front of their wonderful artwork

  2. melissa bragg

    I have to say it depends on the project that I am using the glue for. Elmers Glue, seems to be messier, and if applied too think it seeps through the page. Glue sticks works well for scrapbooking, but not for bigger projects. Thanks for the chance to win!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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