VBS 2016 Submerged Sea Horse Cuttable File

Submerged Sea Horse PNG

VBS 2016 Submerged Sea Horse Cuttable File

FREE Sea Horse Cuttable File. Comes in a SVG, PDF and PNG Files. You can download for FREE the Submerged Sea Horse Cuttable File here. The file will come as a compressed zip file. You will need to unzip the folder in order to use the files.

You can then import the SVG file into your cutting software. Make sure to separate the layers by “To Each Their Own” and cutting appropriately. Make sure to select all levels when adjusting the size.

Once you have your layers cut out you will simply lay your base Sea Horse layer down and glue the lighter colors to the base in the appropriate areas as pictured above.

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Topic: VBS 2016 Submerged Sea Horse Cuttable File


  1. tammigirl

    I love the Ivory tablecloth 60×126 found here:

    I’ve been searching for tablecloths, but most of them cost a small fortune. Even the ugly ones. Come on, it’s a plain piece of fabric and they want more, in many cases, than you can buy a dress or coat.

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